The leader in ME…

what type of leader are you? And how ready are you to lead others?


As I develop my leadership skills, I have faced some challenges and as well as get to know myself better through the challenges and a few questions always pop in to my head. What type of a leader am I? What leadership styles work best for me and people I lead?”

What type of leader am I?

Effective leaders are capable of inspiration others. Successful leaders are capable to achieve connections with others and create positive results. There are many types of Leaders but I have found it supportive to classify leaders into the following four types: Thought leaders, Inspirational leaders, Servant leaders, Courageous leaders (Magazine 2013). All these types of leaders achieve the same goals but do it differently.

Which type AM I?

From the experiences I have had working with different teams most of them being very diverse I have come to learn that I am a servant leader. Working with different people with different views and ways of doing things can be very stressful and challenging but as a servant spirited leader I managed and work very well with teams and achieve good results.

  • Servant Leaders


These are leader who care sincerely about individuals. They look for to eliminate the obstacles and problems that hold others back from accomplishing their full potential. Once in a team I had to struggle to make a situation in which the team can do their best work so as we could accomplish the work on time. As a servant leader I believe and lead using the Transformational leadership style (legacee 2014)

transformational_leadershipThis leadership style hinge on high levels of communication from leaders to meet objectives. As a leader in my team I sometimes had to motivate team members and enhance output and results through communication (Johnson 2014).


  • Max DePree


He was the CEO of Herman Miller office furniture corporation in 1980 till 1987. Max once stated, “The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say ‘thank you.’ In between, the leader is a servant.” As a leader he inspires me because of his believes of organisational. Max encouraged and compensated employee contribution.  Additionally he built work environment based on the grounds of trust and honesty. Throughout his leadership he understood that the private/public separation really did not mirror the person he wanted to be. He was the same man whether he was in board meetings, consulting or speaking in private (Beaton 2011).

Feedback from colleagues

Working in a team has played major role in helping me discover my leadership skills as well as my weaknesses. Strength and weaknesses were pointed out during team work and through them I am learning how to become a better leader today. For instance working in a team as a leader I have had a tendency of forgetting to appreciate and praise each team player which was sought of a  weakness as praising motivates people, also sometimes as a follower I felt happy when my work was praised. Moreover team members add on the fact I should build-up my confidence and communication skills to become a good leader as it is well known good leadership starts from communication and confidence. I learnt a lot more about my strengths which made me realise that I am a servant leader and motivator. My biggest strength so far is the ability to give team members support and application, I help and support decision other people make especially when I know that we as a team were on the right track of things. Furthermore I learnt that sincerity and honesty is a good strength as a leader, even when I did not realize it was a good thing it helped the team members as we worked together. Lastly another good feedback was the fact that I had good collaboration skills. All in all with a strong team I was in we all had a chance to learn so much and improve on the leadership skills for the best.great-leader

Areas of development to become a better LEADER

To guarantee my success to become a confident good leader there are a few more skills that I need to develop. The skills will help me when dealing with diverse groups of people; they will also help me to be more ethical and are particularly suitable to times of transformation and challenge. Throughout my course I will need to develop Strategic Thinking, Communication skills, Coaching and management skills. There are many other skills to be developed but step by step all will come into place.


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